Former Cadet Gives Back to the Program as a Volunteer

By Ensign Joshua Maye, NSCC

Henry E. Mooberry Division, Washington, D.C.

In October 1999, as an 11-year-old League Cadet, I entered into the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps at the historic Washington Navy Yard. I had no idea that after spending seven years in the program as a cadet, I would someday be back as an officer. Having achieved the rank of chief petty officer, it was time to prepare to leave the program and start college in fall 2006. 

While I enjoyed the new adventures of college, in 2008, I re-entered the program to give back to the unit that poured so much into me. It was then that I reentered into the program as the operations officer. While that was fun, in 2012, I became the unit chaplain, since everyone knew I was in seminary and had aspirations to become a military chaplain. Now I am a recruiting officer and it couldn’t be a better fit.

Recruiting for me is not about adding names to the unit roster, but ensuring that both parents and cadets, feel comfortable joining the unit. There have been times when I have suggested prospects look at other units before deciding to join. To me, giving cadets a profound experience is better than just having bodies. Looking back, I could not be more privileged to call the Sea Cadets my family.