U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps Names Individual Award Winners for 2016

The U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps is proud to announce the winners of our prestigious individual awards.

The winners and their brief biographies are as follows:

Willis E. Reed Award for Sea Cadet of the Year

Chief Petty Officer Grant Domingo, NSCC, Yorktown Division

A “conscientious and highly skilled leader,” CPO Domingo leads by example. In addition to managing his responsibilities as a chief petty officer, Domingo maintains a 4.0 GPA and is an accomplished athlete, serving as captain of South Carolina’s Olympic Development soccer team. Constantly encouraging cadets to “think outside the box” and go above and beyond, Domingo is a tremendous asset to his unit. His division cites his desire to consistently exceed the standards of the NSCC in the areas of “professional and leadership development.” Domingo’s positive attitude, professionalism, and work ethic should be an inspiration to all cadets.


Keith T. Weaver Award for League Cadet of the Year

APC Bella Scroggins, NLCC, Alexandria Division

In her short time at Alexandria Division, APC Scroggins has soared to great heights, her name becoming synonymous with “hard work and excellence.” She is an active member in her unit, serving as the first League Cadet to join the division's honor and color guards. She is also an enthusiastic member of her division's Media Relations and Service Outreach Teams. With her enthusiasm and “can-do attitude,” she is always interested in identifying the task and working hard to see it through to completion. In addition to the many hours spent with her unit, Scroggins is a dedicated student and member of her school’s chorus. She aspires to earn a commission in the Navy someday.


Nicholas Brango Award for Inspirational Leadership, Officer of the Year

LCDR Lisa Strickland, NSCC, Pimiteoui Division

LCDR Strickland works tirelessly to provide educational opportunities to the cadets in her unit and region. Always forward thinking, Strickland develops and organizes regional activities, expanding the number of possibilities available for Pimiteoui Division cadets and others. Since 2011, she has worked to bring winter training opportunities to the Midwest where there previously were none. Motivated by the success of her cadets, Strickland attends trainings around the country and brings back new ideas to her region. She has served as an escort officer at more than 14 trainings and will be accompanying two cadets on this year’s international exchange to Australia. Strickland’s unit and region are much enriched thanks to her dedication.


Judge R.T.S. Colby Award for Excellence in Training, Instructor of the Year

INST Cynthia Sanchez, NSCC, Kings County Squadron   

A member of the program for more than four years, Instructor Cynthia Sanchez is an outstanding adult leader. Through her knowledge of the program as a former Sea Cadet, she has made significant contributions to unit readiness and morale. Sanchez is an invaluable member of the Kings County Squadron while serving as mess officer and escort officer. Always working to advance the unit, she seeks to build support through her professional and personal networks. Her drive, dedication, and military bearing make her an exceptional example of all that instructors can achieve.


Fred D. Carl Award for Regional Director of the Year

LCDR Leonard Long, Jr., NSCC, Region 12-4

Over his fifteen years of service in the NSCC, LCDR Long has held a variety of positions in the program. Recently stepping in as the RD for Region 12-4, Long has proved himself to be a selfless leader. He spends countless hours coordinating with units, resulting in many finishing in the nation’s top ten, including Moffett Squadron in 2015. Long seeks to resolve problems at the lowest level possible, resulting in solutions that work for everyone. Long’s leadership and stewardship as a Regional Director make him an outstanding model for all to follow.


Bruce B. Smith Award for Regional Director’s Recruiter of the Year

LCDR Brett Blomberg, NSCC, Region 9-1

As Regional Director of Region 9-1, LCDR Blomberg is fully deserving of the Bruce B. Smith Award. Thanks to his efforts and leadership, his region experienced increased enrollment at a rate of over 27%. Leading from the front in finding innovative ways to recruit volunteers, he spent this year visiting school districts, Navy and Coast Guard units and then passing along his best practices to the units in his region. Thanks to his relationship-building skills and his engagement, Region 9-1 is flourishing.