Sea Cadet Takes Charge in Neighborhood Fire

This is Airman Dylan McMaster, NSCC, of Twin Cities Squadron.

On Saturday, Dec. 10, he had just arrived home from drill, when he noticed a fire in his neighbor’s garage. Still in his uniform, he ran out the door to help the group of people who were fighting the fire by throwing buckets of water on it.

He quickly assessed the futility of their efforts and directed the homeowners to get their vehicles and 20-foot construction trailer out of the driveway to make room for when the firefighters would arrive. After taking his neighbor’s dogs to his house for safekeeping, he noticed the street filling with bystanders and cars. He knew he had to do something. Walking over to them, he began directing the onlookers to clear a path for the arrival of the firefighters.

"Giving direction while in uniform commands people to follow the direction," McMaster said. "I jumped in to help because that is what neighbors do. I think any Sea Cadet would have reacted just the same as I did. Not everyone has fire hose and a wrench on hand. The training we get with the Eagan Fire Department was a great foundation for being able to know what was happening and quickly assessing the situation for the action needed."

McMaster will be reporting to the Navy’s Recruit Training Command after he graduates from high school in June 2017.