Safety is our top priority. All of our volunteers must undergo a background check before becoming a member of our officer corps, and cadets are under adult supervision during training events. Safety briefings are also included in our training curriculum.


We work hard to keep enrollment fees and program costs down in an effort to be accessible to anyone who may want to join us. 

Our annual enrollment fees are $90/year per each NSCC/NLCC cadet and $40/year per officer/midshipman/instructor. Some units may also charge an additional administrative fee.

Uniform fees are between $200 and $400 in the first year, depending upon several factors, including the desire for full outfitting. Training deposits vary by the duration of the event, but typically cost about $150/week, $200 for a nine- to 10-day event and $300 for a 14-day event. The training deposit covers instruction and room and board.

For more information, download our Parent's Handbook.

Time Commitment

Our training program should not interfere with your cadet's schoolwork. Cadet units typically meet only one night per week or one weekend per month during the school year. Normally, training away from home is conducted only during school vacation periods. You may actually find that your son or daughter takes a more serious approach to his or her schoolwork due to the discipline and emphasis on excellence that this program instills in its cadets. Cadets are also required to be full-time students to enroll in the program.


We strongly believe in the positive impact that our program has on our nation, our sea services and our youth so it is important to us that we are accessible to anyone who wants to join us regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, socio-economic or geographic background or physical disability. We are ADA-compliant.

Promoting a culture of inclusion across our diverse cadet corps is something we take very seriously, and we have a zero tolerance policy for hazing and bullying.

Get Involved. Parents make fantastic volunteers! In fact, many of our volunteers start off as cadet parents and get more involved as their enthusiasm for the program grows.

Our son has grown so much... his confidence is high and his vision for his future is limitless. I am so glad we found out about the program. I know he will grow in to a wonderful, fine young man with the leadership and dedication this program requires. We are so thankful for all the volunteers that make this available.
— Sea Cadet Parent
Sea Cadets provides children with many opportunities that serve to increase their vocational skills in the future. Cadets are expected to maintain high standards of leadership, to advance in rank, maintain their fitness levels and attend trainings that help their personal growth. All these things work together to help children grow into responsible citizens.
— Sea Cadet Parent and Volunteer
My daughter has only been in the Naval Sea Cadet Corps for half a year. Even in that short time, the growth in confidence, discipline, respect and direction has been remarkable. My daughter loves her battalion and I am a very grateful parent!
— Sea Cadet Parent