Demonstrate your company's commitment to America's next generation of leaders by partnering with us.

USNSCC’s mission to help build the next generation of leaders with character is at the core of our programming. Programs are offered to young Americans in 46 states, as well as Guam and Puerto Rico, and range from STEM programming to Leadership and Ethics; Medical Services to Aviation; Basic Seamanship to Construction, and more.  

USNSCC partners can provide direct funding to support specific programs in a region that promotes corporate priorities or become a curriculum partner to support much-needed curriculum updates in key program areas such as STEM and Leadership and Ethics.   

With all partnerships comes branding, recognition and employee engagement opportunities. USNSCC staff will work with you to determine what best aligns with corporate priorities.

Thank you for considering these valuable opportunities to bring life-changing experiences to our young Americans. To learn more, please contact

The USNSCC has shaped me in more ways than I can count - and in ways I am still realizing today.
— Alumni