Are you ready for Chief-level Training?

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

If so, welcome to the Winter 2021 Chief Petty Officer Academy (CPOA) offered at Camp Blanding Florida from Monday, 27 December to Friday, 31 December.

The Chief Petty Officer Academy (CPOA) training is scheduled for five days and is for cadets ready to rank up to Chief or are already Chiefs.

Camp Blanding is located Southwest of Jacksonville Florida and Northeast of Orlando Florida.

CPOA will be taught by retired and active USN CPO’s, U.S. Army officer, and other volunteers utilizing courses selected from the Navy CPOA, as well as USNSCC approved courses. The course involves the study of, and hands on leadership opportunities. You will be required to prepare and present presentations, and there will be evening assignments. The training will be challenging, experiential, and require a capstone presentation.

Time your arrival to the base (Camp Blanding) NO later than 0900 on Monday, which is in-take day. Check-in details will be provided. All trainings will arrive and graduate in Dress Blues. If you plan on flying to Florida, and will need transportation upon your arrival, please arrange with the POC know as soon as possible. This transportation must be pre-approved. Do not schedule a flight out on Friday the 31st prior to 1700.

For more information go to the training website for details on requirements, rules and regulations and Sea Bag lists, visit

If you think you are ready for this course, and you want to apply for a quota, please register via Magellan and look for course Leadership, Chief Petty Officer Academy, (CPOA).

Wearing the Chief rate is an honor, if you are ready to lead from the front, this course is ready for you! A Training Request (TRNG001) and CO recommendation is required that you are ready for Chief level training.

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