Unit Commanders:  This survey is intended to give us an idea of where our graduating senior cadets are headed after they leave the program. Getting an accurate read on the plans of our 2016 graduating seniors is vital to our funding and support from the Navy and Congress.

Each unit should submit only one survey. Please provide the most accurate data possible. In questions that require it, please use numerical values (for example, write "6," not "six." If there are no cadets in your unit pursuing a particular path, write "0," not "zero" or "none.") Fields marked with an asterisk are required. Thank you for your participation!

The state maritime academies are the following six schools: California Maritime Academy, Great Lakes Maritime Academy, Maine Maritime Academy, Massachusetts Maritime Academy, State University of New York Maritime College and Texas Maritime Academy.
Please include the numbers of your cadets planning to join the Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Army, Air Force and National Guard in this section.
This number should not include cadets planning to attend a service academy or maritime academy.