Thank You to Our Volunteers

An alumnus recently wrote to us and said, "This program will open doors to you that will not be accessible in any other way."

During National Volunteer Week, we invited our community members to share stories about the volunteers who touch their lives. These stories reveal that your efforts as volunteers are creating opportunities for a generation of youth. We can pursue our mission because you sew uniforms, maintain records, teach cadets the intricacies of ethical leadership, and create a Sea Cadet family within your community. I speak to all 3,957 of you when I say: You are opening doors that lead to endless opportunity, and for that, we salute you.

-CAPT Paul Zambernardi, USN (Ret)

Executive Director,

U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps


ENS Barinque of TS Barbers Point!

"ENS Barinque is a homeschool teacher, so his experience teaching his own children has made him a great instructor for our League Cadet program. Additionally, ENS Barinque is a traditional Filipino Martial Arts (Eskrima) instructor, so when he teaches the Sea Cadets as part of their monthly PT program, they pay attention and learn valuable skills. Finally, ENS Barinque is always there when you need him and is one of the genuinely nicest and most generous people I've ever met."


LCDR Eric Goslinga and LT Kathleen Goslinga of Central Iowa Division!

"I can say, without a doubt in my mind, that these two are the most selfless people I have ever met. In addition to their careers in high school education, both of them devote the majority of their off-time to running their unit and giving the best training they possibly can to the youth in Iowa. If I could go back to the beginning of Sea Cadets and do everything all over again, I would go in a heartbeat. (Yes, even the times that my scared self was standing at parade rest in front of Mr. Goslinga because I messed up pretty bad. I wish I could go back to those moments too.) I will never be able to repay them for everything they've given me in life or give either of them the recognition they deserve; I don't know how they do it. Thank you to both of you."


MIDN Halle Colf of Fort Spokane Battalion

"MIDN Colf began her Sea Cadet career at the Portland Division in Oregon, and upon her graduation from high school, she was accepted to Washington State University's engineering program. Midshipman Colf has used her engineering skills to assist our 10 SeaPerch teams with their rovers while they competed in the Northwest SeaPerch competition. Recently Midshipman Colf has been accepted into the Marine Corps Officer Commissioning School. She aspires to become a Marine Corps Aviator."

ENS Lisa Burns of Atterbury Battalion

"ENS Burns came to our unit when our administrative side was in shambles. After just months of being part of our program, she completely turned around our unit's paperwork. ENS Burns continues to assist our unit and makes drill possible."


LT Ann Enright and LTJG Jeremy Roberts of 1124TH Construction Battalion

"CO Enright has to be the most informative person I know. If I ever have any questions about anything, she answers my questions with more information than I thought I needed. She is readily available and accessible at all times. I have never left a message or a text that wasn't returned within minutes. She keeps me up-to-date on all due dates and opportunities available. She is currently doing everything she can to assist my cadet in getting accepted into a very competitive training for this summer. She is always filled with enthusiasm when planning, talking about and executing a weekend plan or training. She takes a special effort to find unique activities for the cadets on weekend drills. She is really good and consistent at sharing valuable information on the Facebook page about upcoming events and news that we would need or like to know. She has always made me and my cadet feel welcome. CO Shelly Enright is a complete asset to this program, and we couldn't be happier. NSCC rocks!!! XO Roberts does a fantastic job of sending out the POM promptly and is always complete and concise and self-explanatory. While I don't have many personal dealings with him as a mom, my cadet speaks very highly of him and enjoys drills with him. He is very professional and takes his role very seriously. These two, as well as all the volunteers in the 1124th Construction Batallion, do a fabulous job and makes this program run smooth and effectively."


LT Barry Barlow of Houston Division

"As the Executive Officer, he has used his status as a local area chaplain to include the cadets in various events that enhance their experience. These additional training and public appearances fulfill the USNSCC's core mission of encouraging the interest of youth and adults in the Sea Cadet program." 

LTJG Mary Cervantes of San Joaquin Division

"LTJG Mary Cervantes is one of the youngest commanding officers in the Corps. She took on the responsibility at the request of her then Regional Director (12-4), and former CO, the late LCDR Marcia Powell. Mary started out as a League Cadet and is now the CO of her unit. Mary has taken the unit to new levels in the seven months she has been the commanding officer, recruiting cadets, fundraising and joint trainings with other units have engaged the cadets. They are building the same lifelong bonds that she developed as a cadet."


LTJG Daniele Jennings of Michigan Commanders Battalion

"LTJG Jennings is very fun; she's always smiling or laughing with us. She encourages me, and the others and helps us learn and is a hard worker. I am so happy to be a part of the Sea Cadets and even happier to have her as my leader. Dani has a big heart; she loves our veterans and current military members and us. She's just a wonderful person!"

"LTJG Jennings is wonderful at inspiring her cadets to be better. She is a great leader and role model (especially for female cadets). LTJG Jennings is gifted with great people skills and can organize our unit properly."


MIDN Alex Turski of 1st Virginia Battalion

"He works hard to improve our Corps and is always kind and helpful."

ENS Cherish Lilly of Desert Storm Division

"Ensign Cherish Lilly is the 'Utility Player' of all the Desert Storm officers; she is an exceptionally talented person and is the one who makes many fun and wonderful special events happen for our cadets! Her life is devoted to helping kids do and be their best. Her knowledge, administrative skills, and experience are vast and varied, equaled only by her truly boundless energy, enthusiasm, devotion to the cadets, and willingness to do what it takes to get the job done. She is petite, soft-spoken, unflappable and equally brilliantly effective in handling event details as well as the cadets. When Cherish is in charge, we all know things will run smoothly, and the cadets will have a great time! Cherish is truly gifted in her ability to organize and manage special, complicated events for our cadets, and she does so with exceptional competence, confidence, and calm. While her current role is arranging special “Fundraising” events, Ensign Lilly also steps in to “fill the gaps” wherever she is needed, from supervising the classroom to teaching to helping with uniforms to overseeing PT to transporting cadets and so much more. She is a very trusted and valued member of our unit; Desert Storm cadets and officers are all grateful and truly 'cherish' Ensign Lilly for all she is and does for our unit!"


ENS Matthew Votypka of Boca Delray Division

"ENS Votypka is an individual who displays a great amount of patience and kindness when dealing with any situation. Throughout my journey as a Sea Cadet, he has always been happy to help our unit and lend a hand when needed. What makes him special is that he leads by example and pushes us to do our best at everything we do."


LTJG Peter Wright of Col. Lewis L. Millett Division

"Being in the program for a while now and seeing how he is, just makes the program and our unit more fun. He gives us his time to work with us when needed and required, he gives inspiring talks, and even when there is a mistake made, he corrects then and there. You can tell he really cares about our unit and puts his time into it. He works in an incredible way like no other. He wants to lead, and that is what makes him special. Our unit wouldn't be as good as it is now without you, Sir!"


LTJG Diana Aguilar-Sanchez of Desert Storm Division

"Every single Desert Storm Division cadet and officer agree that LTJG Diana Aguilar-Sanchez (aka 'Mama Eagle') is truly the heart and soul of our unit. As our XO, she single-handedly (with calm and grace) managed ALL of the administrative work for our very busy, growing unit for many years. She (and her husband, our CO LTJG Darrin Sanchez) have grown and developed our unit into one that keeps track of each cadet’s progress and continually challenges them to do their best, all while providing support and encouragement. LTJG Aguilar-Sanchez is crisp and professional in her interactions with cadets and parents, but her love and devotion for them comes through loud and clear, which is why she is so thoroughly loved and respected by all. They know she is 100% on their side and will help them reach their goals. LTJG Aguilar-Sanchez is equally proficient at inspiring and developing the officers to learn and grow in leadership. She has an extraordinary depth of patience, kindness and diplomacy, matched only by her great sense of humor and fun! She is why we have so many hard-working, happy officers in our unit. She is a beautiful example of leadership to all of our cadets and officers. Desert Storm Division is a family, and LTJG Diana Aguilar-Sanchez is truly our 'Mama Eagle.'"

LTJG Gary DiPasquale of Charlotte Division

"LTJG DiPasquale has stepped up to lead the unit as CO and has begun implementing positive changes with the cadets and drill protocol. He takes the time to speak to each cadet and parent and is prompt to respond to questions/concerns from unit staff. He includes petty officers and the unit staff in future on- and off-site activity discussion and is allowing the petty officers to step into leadership positions, and guiding them in their endeavors. Due to his leadership and ideas, the cadets are excited about upcoming events and drill weekends."


LTJG Kyle Burns, ENS Andrew Broughton, and ENS Nathan Schildt of Atterbury Battalion

"These three gentlemen make up the core leadership of Atterbury Battalion. They plan ways for our small unit to work hard and play hard. They never shy away from getting their hands dirty or pitching in to do any job. They have earned the respect of all their cadets and fellow staff. The three of them can put their heads together and come up with an excellent activity with short notice. LTJG Burns, ENS Broughton, and ENS Schildt are the backbone of our unit putting in many hours outside of drill and at drill to make our program the best for our cadets."


LTJG Thomas Luckman of Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Division

"Tom knows the Corps better than anyone, having been part of it for so long. He went from League Cadet to Chief Petty Officer to unit CO to Region 1-1 staff. It goes to show you how much the program means to him. Each year, Tom selflessly steps up to do all the behind-the-scenes work for all of Region 1-1's trainings. Sea Cadets is a part of his life, and the success of the Corps is partly because of him. Tom is a strong advocate for the cadets and knows whats best for them. Alumni come back to make an impact on future cadets because of what volunteers like LTJG Luckman did for them as a cadet."

LCDR Yancey Black and all the instructors of Tennessee (BB 43) Division

"My son has been in Sea Cadets for three years. This program has been such an amazing group for him to be involved in. He has learned so much, and it has given him opportunities that he would have never gotten otherwise. LCDR Black has been so instrumental in his success in Sea Cadets. He pushes him and expects nothing but 100% to be given by him and the other cadets. My son's success's outside of Sea Cadets has improved exponentially due in part to this program and LCDR Black. This unit and its instructors want nothing but the best for these cadets. They lead, guide, teach and give them awesome opportunities. We continue to be blessed by the leadership of LCDR Yancey Black."


LCDR Lisa Stoyanovich, CAPT Daniel Sydes, LtCdr Heather Sydes, CPO Douglas Haase, and AD1 Melania Mezei of Wolverine Division

"These volunteers and many others have changed my life, the lives of my crew, and countless others from around the country. It is through their selfless efforts that I not only learned naval heritage, leadership, responsibility, etc., but I learned by their example that there is no replacement for teamwork, that the impact on your situation by putting the mission before self is limitless, and helping others is its own reward. As I move forward into my next chapter, I would just like to say to them and those like them, thank you for always pouring into me. I've heard you."

LTJG Humberto Alvarez of Tampa Bay Division

"As a retired Navy Chief, LT Alvarez brings an incredible amount of knowledge, enthusiasm, and passion for the youth he is tasked with leading. His commitment to our unit and his operational awareness in leveraging his relationships within the local community helps create opportunities for our cadets to learn, give back and interact with our nation's veterans in a special and meaningful way."

LTJG Justin Olsen of Port Royal Sound Battalion 

"LTJG Olsen has been volunteering with the Port Royal Sound Battalion for several years and has done great things for our unit. He has been an escort officer several times and has organized most of our unit's drills. A few years ago, our unit was having a difficult time staying together, but LTJG Olsen became CO and was able to keep the unit running. He's the reason our unit exists."


LCDR Eric Goslinga of Central Iowa Division

"CO Goslinga maintains the highest standard of quality for the cadets, maintains an incredibly high level of organization, and ensures that all cadets receive a top quality experience with every endeavor. The Central Iowa Division has received many honors, maintaining multiple years of high scores in drill inspection, largely thanks to the high standards and expectations of CO Goslinga. Most recently, 100% of Central Iowa Division cadets competing in the Bataan Death March completed. My son lives five hours away from the location of monthly drill meetings. We don't mind driving this far each month (and sometimes more than once a month) because of the high-quality programming he experiences and the clear and immediate impact those experiences have on our teen. CO Goslinga's work is noticed and appreciated by parents throughout the State of Iowa."


ENS Andrew Broughton and ENS Nathan Schildt of Atterbury Battalion

"These volunteers make the USNSCC great by instructing to the best of their abilities and helping to make our unit exceed expectations and standards."

LCDR Doris Durette of Courageous Division

"LCDR Durette keeps track of all the cadets' paperwork, ordering supplies, and is just plain organized. She is amazing. Our unit is great because of her dedication."


LCDR Kevin MacFarland of Region 6-1

"This is a very special tribute to a man who is more than a Sea Cadet Officer. LCDR Kevin MacFarland, as my first RD, was one of the first leaders to challenge me as a young, scared but motivated League Cadet. For the first few years, there was an unwritten challenge by him to ace my PI during our annual inspection. Year after year, I pushed myself to work harder, do more, get better just so that I could impress this man. This set a precedent that I will carry with me for life. It ended up that he left my home state of Michigan to move to warmer weather in Florida where a lucky region down there will soon gain an amazing RD. But even in the years since he left he has not only kept in contact but been my mentor and role model in countless ways, as a husband, parent, a man of faith, an American, and of course, as a Sea Cadet leader. I know he has impacted many lives as he has mine. And when anyone says that one person can't change the world I point to him as proof to the contrary. Although this isn't close to enough, thank you, Sir! Hoooyahhhh!

LTJG Jordan Kinkead of Cruiser Indianapolis (CA-35) Division

"We lost several key adult leaders in a short time at our unit, so LTJG Kinkead stepped up as CO. He spends countless hours working out plans for future drill weekends outside the time he spends with cadets. He wants to improve our cadets' lives, and he serves as an excellent role model by going back to school (college) himself. LTJG Kinkead is always seeking ways to have better outreach, fun and exciting activities for the cadets, and more effective recruiting efforts. He devotes his own time searching for efficient ways to fundraise so we can help take away some of the financial burdens of being a cadet. Jordan Kinkead is a wonderful leader who truly has our cadets' best interests at the forefront of all he does, and he gives a lot of his personal time to reach his goals for them."


LTJG Christopher Marchant of 1st Virginia Battalion

"He volunteers his time and resources to make our Corps excellent!"

LTJG Suzanne Davis-Kowahl of Desert Storm Division

"LTJG Davis-Kowahl is committed to documenting all the milestones the cadets achieve in our unit, as well as all of our events. She has invested time and money taking professional quality pictures and creating wonderful photo collages the cadets can then keep. She attends all our events/graduations and takes many photos and then she takes the time to put together a description of the events so we can post it on our website and Facebook. She will always go out of her way to send press releases to NHQ and our cadets' schools when they achieve rank or other honors. On top of her photography skills, she works in admin and maintains the records and awards for the unit. She has staffed many trainings, specializing in SeaPerch. She assists in coordinating the regional qualifier every year, on top of her regular duties. LTJG Kowahl-Davis is extremely knowledgeable, kind, talented, and very much loved and appreciated at the unit."


INST Danielle Martinuk and INST Thomas Martinuk of Constitution Division

"Since these two devoted parents have associated with the division, the unit has been attending numerous functions and events to present and act as color guards. The division has been out in public more thanks to their contacts in the local area. Mr. Martinuk is the chief of the Middleton Fire Department, and Mrs. Martinuk is an inspector for the Logan Airport Fire Department. Due to the public presence of our cadets, our enrollment of cadets has increased, and more interest has been seen over the past year. They have been improving the division with their devotion to the cadets. They want to see the unit improve and grow so that more cadets can understand leadership, community service, and all that the USNSCC program promotes."

ENS Rebbecca Bacon of Yuma Sea Eagle Squadron 

"Ensign Rebbecca Bacon is our admin officer. She's often the first face you meet or speak with when entering the unit. She always has a smile on her face. She also runs the unit email and phone and is always ready to answer any question - big or small, regardless of the time of day or night. She also walks parents through every aspect of the unit. She teaches all of us as we go along! She has helped in almost every department of the unit since we began in 2015 from admin to supply to training. She incorporates the idea of family into our units
She's always there to help you as a cadet, student, friend, and mentor. The cadets love and appreciate everything she does! Not only is she our admin officer, but she is also a wife, mother to four children (three are cadets), and has a job. She devotes all of her free time to us, and we don't know how she does it. Community service events, trainings, drills, she's always around. She's an amazing individual, and we have a nickname for her: Mrs. Mommy. She's amazing, and I feel she should be recognized for all that she does!!!"


ENS Tina Azevedo of Sacramento Battalion

"Ensign Azevedo works tirelessly for each and every cadet. We have over 150 Sea Cadets and League Cadets, that's a lot of service folders, awards, and upkeep. Her amazing organization keeps it all in order. She is dedicated to getting all the parents to turn in the proper paperwork. She coordinates so that all the training forms are completed before submission, helping to ensure no one misses out on a training they want. Ensign Azevedo works on Sea Cadets daily making sure everything is in order. She is a master at Magellan. We are thankful that her son Chief Azevedo has brought her to us as Head Admin and that she is staying with us even though he is moving on to college! She is the embodiment of Honor, Courage, Commitment! Bravo Zulu."


WO Jay Enger, MIDN Hannah Barnes, Carol Bergeman, and INST Anastasia Smith of CSRA Battalion

"WO Jay Enger has selflessly dedicated himself to the bettering of the CSRA Battalion. He has filled in on more than one occasion as the commanding officer, and ensured that our unit operated flawlessly!

Although new to the program, MIDN Hannah Barnes has jumped in feet first and taken on critical roles ensuring the unit's success. She constantly mentors and betters our cadets.

During a period of extreme unit growth, AUX Carol Bergemann volunteered to conduct all of the sewing for our unit, quickly getting all cadets issued their uniforms.

INST Anastasia Smith is one of our adult volunteers who was also a cadet. Now she serves in the Navy as an active duty enlisted Sailor. She is always bringing new ideas to the unit and is personally responsible for recruiting over 20 new cadets."

Thank you to all of our volunteers!