September 12, 2022

I am xxx and while I’ve only been in Sea Cadets for less than a year, I’ve been around Sea Cadets since I was seven, observing my older brothers and patiently waiting until I could join. However, now that I’m a cadet, it has positively impacted my life in more ways than I can describe. For starters, I attended an underwater-robotics STEM training where I constructed (and took home) a submarine. I assisted with the Stuart Air Show. I met the Fort Lauderdale SWAT team and Bomb Squad. I toured a Naval destroyer as well as a Coast Guard station. I flew in a Cessna and met soldiers, sailors, and airmen. I bivouacked at Birch State Park where I learned basic survival skills: starting fires, building shelters, and purifying water. I graduated from two boot camps where I learned to respect my superiors, care for my shipmates, and master military knowledge. I also participated in a 5k run/walk last September.

Because of Sea Cadets, I have met many different people from many different backgrounds. Since joining the program, I have grown so much. I have become more responsible by completing my coursework, advancing rapidly, and properly caring for my uniform. Sea Cadets has instilled discipline in me and has taught me military knowledge. It has given me the opportunity to obtain numerous leadership positions, has taught me to respect people, and has enabled me to earn multiple ribbons and medals. Sea Cadets has ultimately become a very positive influence in my life.