Our 3,250 volunteers dedicate over 278,000 hours of their time every year! Our adults guide our cadets towards a future filled with adventure, leadership, teamwork, knowledge, and friendship. Join us on our mission to build leaders of character. 


A volunteer must possess good moral character, a sound mind, and be capable of credibly communicating our Sea Cadet core values to our cadets. Each adult must be a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident, free of felony convictions, and will undergo a background investigation during the enrolment process.

1. Officer Corps: Ranked officers allow us to create structure for our cadets similar to the Sea Services. Volunteers may elect to wear modified Navy uniforms.

2. Midshipmen and Instructors: All new Sea Cadet volunteers will enter as either a Midshipman or Instructor. Click the join button below to learn more information.

3. Auxiliary: The Auxiliary is intended for adults who wish to make a limited time commitment to the Sea Cadets or perform limited duties.