September 12, 2022

David (not his real name) loved <Sea Cadet training> and had some challenges. He struggled a lot with being away from home… Two <senior cadets> took David to the side, and David told them he was “just trying to make it to graduation.”

The <senior cadets> advised David to focus on smaller goals, just make it to the next 30 minutes, make it through class, then to lunch, etc. David took the advice to heart and while he still struggled, that’s what got him through. David loved how caring each Cadet was and learned that he can lean on them during tough times.

He absolutely loves the program and says they do so many fun things. As a parent, I am beyond grateful to everyone involved in Sea Cadets. The things these children learn will stick with them for life. During <recruit training> my Cadet learned how to overcome emotional and mental hardships, a tool that will serve him for years to come.