We are very proud of the service that the Naval Sea Cadet Corps provides to our country and to our Navy and Coast Guard, but the true merit of our program is seen in the success stories of our cadets, who go on to seize the limitless opportunities that are available to them.

What our alumni say about us ... 

I will always be grateful for my wonderful experience as a youth member of the Navy League and Naval Sea Cadet Programs. They clearly taught me to respect my people and they would respect me. Thanks to the Naval Sea Cadet Corps for helping me achieve Flag Rank through your dynamic leadership program.
— Brigadier General Hugh B. Tant, III, USA (Ret.) Former League Cadet & Sea Cadet HUNLEY Division, Charleston, SC
By joining the Sea Cadets, I started on my road to career development as a citizen and as a leader. Although the Sea Cadet program provided me with an understanding of the sea services, it did a lot more in preparing me to understand words like honor, respect, commitment, courage, and devotion to duty. These words collectively make up the Coast Guard and Navy core values, something I have lived by and promoted.
— MCPOCG Vince Patton, USCG (Ret.) Former Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard, Former Sea Cadet JAMES M. HANNAN Division, Detroit, MI
From the time I was a small child I wanted to be a naval officer, so I wanted to do things that would guide me in that direction. Sea Cadets was something that was a strong organization in the central Ohio area. ... I really enjoyed the exposure I got, the hands-on training. I still remember going through the firefighting training we had ... I enjoyed it.
— Matthew Ragan, Director of Enterprise Services, Lockheed Martin Corporation
I spent three years in the Naval Sea Cadet Corps and believe that it gave me great training for the future I faced then, as well as the future I look forward to now. It cemented my belief that I wanted to join the Navy; but I know that if I had not decided to pursue a Naval career, my Sea Cadet experience would help me in any field.
— Rear Admiral Charles Beers, USN (Ret.) (Former) Commander, Submarine Group Ten Former Sea Cadet PASADENA Division, Pasadena, CA DAHLGREN Division, Washington, DC
The USNSCC allowed me to experience the day to day life of being in the Navy and Coast Guard. I got to spend time aboard several Navy ships, go through airman training, perform community service to help others, conduct numerous patrols aboard Coast Guard small boats and interact with the Canadian military. My first four years in the Coast Guard were spent as a cadet at the Academy. While technically in the Coast Guard, the Academy is an entry point, a gate through which I had to pass to get into the “real” Coast Guard. Because of my USNSCC experience, I was better prepared upon entering the Academy, and I knew what awaited me upon graduation, which motivated me to get through.
— CDR Holly Harrison, U.S. Coast Guard
I remember joining the Navy League Cadet Corps when I was in the 8th grade and was living in Southern California. A close friend’s father was one of the officers in the new unit and he convinced me to attend some of the first meeting. I enjoyed the discipline, the close order drill, the anticipation of receiving a uniform, and looked forward to actually sailing on a REAL Navy ship! The sense of honor and accomplishment in serving in the Navy will be with me all my life. My time spent in the Navy League Cadet Corps was the beginning of this journey with the Navy that has been a lifetime experience.
— Captain David C. Leestma, USN (Ret.) Director of Flight Crew Operations National Aeronautics & Space Administration Former League Cadet Training Ship VAMMEN, Tustin, CA

What our cadets say about us ...

What do I enjoy about the Sea Cadet program? To start off, I am able to meet people around the country that I have become great friends with ... The summer training opportunities are endless! Cadets are interested in many different things and the trainings offered fit pretty much everybody’s interests. Recruit training is also a great experience; you get a good in-depth look at the running of the program and the program’s core values.
— PO2 Ryan Caughill, NSCC
What I love about the Sea Cadets is the camaraderie. You form a brotherhood with your shipmates that is so different from anywhere else. You form closer friendships ... because you have to rely on each other more. Two weeks of Field Ops in South Carolina brought me closer to my platoon than ten years of school. It’s a different relationship, one that will never be broken. The opportunities are also something I love about the program. Where else can a young adult travel all over the United States and different military installations?
— PO2 Ryan Dutschman, NSCC
Being a Sea Cadet has given me an opportunity to learn and lead that I would not have had anywhere else. It has helped me set goals, push myself, grow, and meet some very wonderful people.
— Seaman Michael Laine, NSCC
I had no idea what I was getting myself into going to recruit training. I felt so much pride not only for myself but for my fellow cadets at our graduation. We pulled together and became a team. ... I thought we did awesome and will remember it forever.
— Seaman Fischer Mata, NSCC
For anybody who wants to join the military, or just have a responsible role in life, Sea Cadets is a great program. It teaches you discipline - to set goals that you can reach for and go past them. It offers you education and technical skills that in most cases you would not be able to receive. It is a commitment that can make you into the best you can be.
— Seaman James Harvey, NSCC
I love being a Sea Cadet because it teaches me responsibility, respect and integrity. I also love the Sea Cadet Corps because it gives me a chance to help veterans and appreciate the sacrifices that these brave men and women have made for this great country. The Sea Cadet Corps is an outstanding young military program and I don’t know where I would be without it.
— Cadet Steve Schilling, NSCC

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